Repak is specialised in thermoforming packaging systems and supplies not only the machines, but also the accompanying knowledge, experience, support and service. Repak builds serial production machines in which client-specific wishes are paramount. Every machine is unique in terms of capacity, construction and application and we constantly strive to produce the highest quality.

Despite their robust construction, the machines are strikingly flexible and versatile. Many different types of film and different atmospheres such as vacuum packs, MAP packs, Skin packs and Shrink packs can run on one and the same machine. Repak thermoformers have an extremely long, undisrupted life span and are easy to adapt to new client wishes. Labelling systems, printing units, inliners and other peripheral equipment can be integrated perfectly.

Repak is at home in:

  • food industry
  • non-food sector
  • pharmaceuticals industry.

Unique Selling Points:

  • robust construction
  • flexibility
  • 0-point technology
  • low maintenance costs
  • Rapid Air Forming System
  • control components are available worldwide
  • cooperation with major international organisations in the field of control.


the professional entry level model


the flexible compact machine


the modular professional


the high-tech solution