RE15 – the professional entry level model

The compact construction of the RE15 makes operation of this deep drawing packaging machine easy. With a hygienic and standard control panel the RE 15 makes it possible to produce deep drawing packaging with hard foil. The packaging can be labelled.

Technical specifications:
Capacity: to 8 strokes/minute
Distance between tools: 1450 – 2090 mm
Machine length: max. 4000 mm
Machine width: 930 mm
Machine height: approx. 1950 mm
Height machine frame: 950 – 1070 mm
Machine weight: approx. 2100 kg
Foil unwinding system: External roll 400 mm
Foil width: 320 mm
ACut off length: 150 – 400 mm
Maximum shape depth: 120 mm
Compressed air: min. 6 bar (90PSI)
Electricity: 400V/ 3 x 230V, 50/60 Hz
Cooling water: 60 l/hour
Protection class: IP65